Friday, October 08, 2004

What This Whole Draft Thing Is Really About...


So, last night there was a forum on political issues and what the candidates thought about said issues. A question about the possibilities of a draft came up. And this is what I found out:

-The draft bill that was sitting in the House did not pass.
-There is still on in the Senate that needs to be voted on.
-It was started originally to take the burden off of low income families, who are disproportionately people of color, by making it mandatory for ALL U.S. citizens to participate in either military or civic duty programs.

-What does that mean?
-It means that right now, there are more working class people in the military and no Congresspeoples kids, very little upper-middle, and upper class U.S. citizens serving.
-I suppose you could consider this a low income/people of color draft that is currently in place.
-I would hope that the military would stop bragging about Affirmative Action right now...seeing as they are not using it the way it is supposed to be.

-There is currently a thing called a 'back door draft'.
-This is when people who think they have served their time in the military get called up and told that they are not done yet.
-Whoops, I believe this is illegal...

-We have plently of troops.
-We are just stretching them thin.
-We are occupying too many countries at one time, thus we do not have the numbers necessary to 'get r done' in the places with the most conflict.

If anyone has any comments/questions/concerns about this, I'll gladly help w/answering.

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