Saturday, August 30, 2008

the man i've been waiting for...

First it began with this speech:

And I knew then and there that I wanted this man to run for president.

Over the course of the last 4 years, a lot has happened. The war has gotten worse, international terrorism has increased, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, the economy declining, gas prices hiking, same-sex marriage leagalized in California and recognized in NY, etc. The state of affairs basically suck, to put it simply. And since things are only continuing to get worse, we need to make sure we vote in someone who has the foresight/insight/wisdom/conviction/etc. to make this country a better one, and not just a mighty one.

Many have ridiculed Obama and have articulated speculation of his capabilities/abilities to lead this country - not just out of a war and culture of fear, but into a different direction that will create long-lasting, systematic change. He's been ridiculed for his hopeful rhetoric and has been accused of being just hippy fluff.

After Obama's acceptance speech this past week, I think even the most anti-Obama/apprehensive people out there have seen what this man is capable of and can do - if we just give him the opportunity. He has started a movement - a movement of change. This is serious. This is not just talk. This is reality. We can make this happen! We can change the way of doing. We just have to vote.

If you haven't seen Obama's acceptance speech, check it out here.

And if you're feeling like you'd like some music to accompany this movement, watch this:

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