Thursday, May 24, 2007

SMV and Pedestrians...

funny story.

yesterday, while i was engaged in a discussion about slow moving vehicle signs with my friend katie

and the debate within amish communities and whether or not they should put the smv triangles on their buggies

i got hit by a car!

that's right...i was hit by a car. not bad though, so don't worry.

katie and i were walking down the connecticut ave on the sidewalk, and we were passing a driveway for an apt. complex. we had the right of way, as we were pedestrians and we got to the driveway first,

this blue car came up and slowly proceeded to run into me!

this is the view i saw....

anyway, i had had a couple of drinks before all of this and was feeling a little happy and i just hit the hood of the car with my hands and kept walking backwards with the car until the driver noticed that he was pushing me into the road!!!

CRAZY! but i just laughed my ass off and kept going....after he apologized...

the end!

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