Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Meg(h)an's Great Adventure to the Nat's Game

last night, my cohort member, megan, and i went to a d.c. national's baseball game. leah, another cohort member, had free tickets and wasn't going to be able to use them, so she asked us if we wanted them and we said, 'sure, why not?'

but the interesting part is how long it took us to get there in the first place...

megan and i didn't take down the exact directions to the stadium, but we had read things differently...she read on the nat's website that you could get to the stadium from union station...and i thought leah had said that we needed to transfer to the blue/orange line and go to the stadium/armory stop...

but, seeing as megan had gone to the actual website, i decided to take her we got off at union station....and had to ask a security guard where to go....he gave us directions and we ended up here:

so we asked some more directions and were instructed that the stadium was about 20+ blocks away and so we should take the bus...

so we took the bus:

but before we got onto the bus, we waited about 20 mins...where we watched numerous pimped out cars, a group of young teens pass us by while throwing trash in the air, and talked to a middle aged white dude about baseball and how we really weren't nat's fans.

finally, we arrived at the stadium, and saw this:

megan and i proceeded to laugh our butts off...clearly, this was going to be an amazing night...or at least one that proved to be interesting.

once we got in, we ordered some food and beer:

i ate this....

megan ate this...

i was still really hungry, so i ate this...

we both drank this...

and proceeded to watch the

get their asses handed to them by the

10 - 0

during the 7th inning stretch, there was this really annoying sports caster dude....who sorta looked like this:

and was just about as annoying as the most popular kid in hs...probably prom king or quarterback...or both...

anyway, he kept popping up on the jumbo screen and was talking about giving away tshirts....we didn't get any....but he was a total tool.

after that, there was a bunch of huge moths that were flying around scaring the pants off of everyone:

they were freaking, but i smacked one and i think it was stunned...b/c it didn't move at all when i threw a french fry at it.

after the 7th inning, there was a huge crowd of people that left b/c the nat's were losing so bad....but this guy that was sitting next to megan left his peanuts by her empty carton of nachos...and even though he looked at her weirdly (she guessed that he couldn't figure out why his peanuts got there) he and his gf left and the left their peanuts behind. so, megan and i ate those too!

after the game was over, megan and i left the stadium and then headed to the correct metro (the one i said we should have gone to) and saw this dude that was selling hats for $5.00 a piece....i said, 'no thanks, i'm a cubs fan'. then we turned the corner and there was a guy that was selling 2 hats for $5.00! we decided we couldn't pass up such a great deal, but as soon as we handed the cash over, that dude was outta there!!! he packed up all his stuff and shoved it into a duffle bag and bolted!

upon closer examination of the hats, we realized they were completely in, someone made some cheaper versions of nat's caps with a shitty sewing machine and we purchased them still. but it was dark outside, and it was a great deal...and no one will really know the difference....especially if they're not really nat's fans...which we aren't.

afterwards, we finally reached the metro and saw this:

it was so crazy packed, but everyone got into the metro cars and we zipped home. however, we totally had to stand next to smelly men, and rancid smelling take-out....

either way, it was an amazing that i'm sure wouldn't have happened any other way, when megan and i are concerned.

i think in the future, tailgating will be a must...cheaper food and beer...and probably way more fun than the actual game....but it was still sort of neat-o.

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