Sunday, September 09, 2007

RIP royal heiness pkiddy stinkerbell hooks hobels

as some of you know, it was decided that lady pkiddy would extend her stay in colorado to continue her reign as queen over 4 other cats: sir blue, sir ollie, princess mama, and dame babe; and 2 dogs: princess sara and madame baby.

sadly, it has been feared that the queen has been killed or kidnapped and held ransom by a bear, a mountain lion, or a coyote - or has lost her way and cannot find her way back to her palace when she went on an excursion to hunt hummingbirds, voles, ground squirrels, mice, or other small mammals. the exact circumstances surrounding her disappearance are still unknown. royal search parties were held, and castle keepers were interviewed, but to no avail.

she will be sorely missed and not easily replaced, as princess mama has already seen, with her inability to keep sirs blue and ollie from entering the downstairs dungeon without permission. it appears that those who will miss queen pkiddy the most are the lay people whom she showed so much affection and love towards. they will not easily forget her, and shall hold all future felines to her standards, as she was the best.

we loved her dearly and will never forget her endless attention to petting detail, grooming, or her stance on justice and equal rights between lay people and high felines when she made public demands to dine with the commoners at the same table.

her furry abundance will rest forever in our hearts.

goddess save the queen.

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