Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts on music...

Music is one of those things that I will never be able to fully articulate how it affects my mood, my day, my life. It dictates a lot for me. 

How good is this road trip going to be? 
How hard will I work out today? 
What will I listen to today to help me get through something difficult/painful? 
What are they gonna play at the club so I know I will have a good time dancing?
What is gonna get me through today?
Is it going to bring up memories that I'm ready for?
What new music is out there for me to create some new memories?
What kind of music makes you bop around?
What song am I going to have in my head this morning when I wake up (and subsequently all throughout the day)?

I love music and I love that it can soundtrack any part of your day/life.

Some artists out there are just so good/addictive that you can't get enough of them.  For the last two months, Robyn has been just that artist for me.

She is everywhere. She is at the bar, she is on the radio, she is in the background of some TV show I'm watching...My friends are blogging about her

I made a rough little playlist on youtube that I have been listening to pretty much nonstop at work. ENJOY!

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