Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts on web design...

Currently, I'm working on helping my partner work on creating a website that she can use as an online portfolio, which will hopefully assist her in landing an internship and a good job later on down the road.  I've done a lot of dabbling with website development and such, but nothing as complicated as this.  If I knew how crazy this was going to be before I started this endeavor, I probably would have told her to contract this shit out...but now I'm committed and I want to be able to at least try to make this happen.

I knew how to purchase a domain name and I knew how to sync that domain name to a free website provider (i.e. blogger, google sites, etc.). I know basic HTML - but am no way near proficient - but I've figured out a few things here and there (tag clouds, tab creation, theme development).

I did not know anything about FTP (file transfer protocol), web hosting, or that would make things infinitely more impossible to do this shit simply.  

All I wanted to do was use this template to construct an online portfolio via

Hopefully, I'll be able to figure this all out and feel a little bit like a mini-genius for figuring most of it out by myself.  Let's just hope I know when enough is enough and when to ask for help :-/...

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